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Operator/Instruction Manual - Page 2


1968 Buick Skylark Gran Sport



Auto Meter Speedometer 160 MPH    

Oil Pressure "liquid-filled"

Oil Temperature                            

Water Temperature                           

Vacuum Boost                                  

Transmission Temperature                

Fuel Pressure                                    

Fuel Pressure Isolator                       



Fuel gauge "Main Tank"

Tach 10,000 RPM                          

Hobs Meter

Fuel Cell fuel gauge

# 5 1 5 4
# 5 4 2 1 C
# 5 4 4 1 C
# 5 4 3 2 C
# 5 4 0 1 C
# 5 4 5 1 C
# 5 4 1 2 C
# 5 2



# 5 4 9 1 C
# 5 4 8 1 C
# 6 8 0


                         Holley Fuel pressure (on return fuel line)

                         Shurite Amp gauge for battery charger (Installed in trunk)

                         Sentrex Digital Compass with indoor/outdoor temperature

                         Exhaust Gas Temperature - 8 gauges - "Westach Instruments"  These

                         gauges have thermocouples installed in the heads of the engine.

                         Washer Fluid Level   (2 gauges) 

                         Cyberdyne Fuel Mixture Gauge

Total of 29 gauges & LED Plus LED indicator that flashes code to show electronic fuel mixture computer results.

Fuel Injection:    Holley 4-Barrel Pro-Jection EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) With separate computer for auto fuel mixture with oxygen sensor in header collector.
Paint Details:   1 coat DP-50 Epoxy Sealer, body filler, primer, 2 coats of sealer, 2 coats gold metallic base with Ultra-Mini Metal Flake added, 2 coats of Inter-Coat Clear with Ultra-Mini Metal Flake added, 4 coats of House of Kolor Candy Apple Red Catalyzed Urethane, 6 coats of House of Kolor Clear with Ultraviolet Blocker in it to protect the red from fading in the sun. 


  This is my 1968 Buick Skylark Gran Sport.  I spent 8 years and 5000 hours on it and it turned out much better than I would have believed.  I have always liked a car with a stick not just because they might be faster but because when you drive a stick you feel the power of the car and are one with it.  The first car that I learned to drive on didn't have a synchromesh transmission, so you had to learn how to double clutch.  That's now a lost art and probably not necessary in most cases.  However it was and still is great fun to be able to control your vehicle manually.  The Buick is rough and loud by today's standards but nearly tearing your head off your shoulders is what makes a car like this exciting.  A V6 Buick Regal can turn in similar times in the quarter mile and pull as smooth as silk but where's the fun in that?  This is the only car I have ever driven that you can accidentally spin the wheels just because you pushed the accelerator down a 1/4 of an inch to far.  Although this car is built for drag racing with a safety Lakewood Bellhousing shielded gas lines etc. I have never raced it because I don't want to scratch the Candy Apple paint job.  It has a lot of chrome and less than 1000 miles on it since the restoration.  There's no rust anywhere even inside the panels and they are all painted Candy Apple Red.  Home   Clutch   Links   Picture1   Picture2   Picture3   Picture4   Picture5   Picture6   Picture7   Transmission   Operator/ Instruction Manual Page1   Page2   Page3   Page4   Page5   Page6   Page7   Page8   Page9   Page10   Page11   Page12   Page13   Page14   Photo Gallery   E-Mail